Mobile Totals Row or PowerPoint Automation?

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I submitted a ticket, but thought maybe someone here at the Dojo had come up with a creative solution to the problem we're having:


We finally shut down our old reporting system (Sharepoint) and forced our CEO to switch over to Domo as his main source of reports. He primarily checks reports via an iPhone and the sales reports he is trying to view don't contain the total rows and are very difficult to view in the app.


Is there a way to push the PowerPoint version to him (or an API I could use to download one that I could then send to him automatically) on a daily basis?


Is there a setting to get the total rows to show on his iPhone? If not, is this on the roadmap for a future release soon? Is there a way to interact with the table in "fullscreen" mode so that over a third of the screen isn't taken up whitespace?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Hi gwsv-it,


    I cannot speak for the Domo product development plans, but you can request this feature in the Ideas Exchange in order to allow other users vote on it (I am sure you are not the only one who would like this feature).


    In the meantime you have several options (afaik, the Domo API does not have this feature):


    1) assuming your sales data that you display is aggregated, by product, region, manager or whatever, you can just replicate that by creating a summary dataset via MySQL that already contains a totals row in the data itself, so for example (by using nested SELECT statements to get something like)

    Region Sales# Sales$

    North 10 $300 

    South 15 $450

    TOTAL 25 $750


    2) Use the Report Scheduler to have an email automatically sent to the CEO that includes an image of the web view version of your card. Not the PPT, but as close as you can get.


    3) Have an intern send the powerpoint via email ?


    (Another option is making your own Domo "app" via Adobe Illustrator to display the total values as well as other things, but I do not actually know how well that will work for iPhones - as Domo is SaaS, I would use a workaround and just wait until they update the iOS app) 




  • Thanks for the workaround suggestions. Sorry for the super late reply!