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We are repeated running into an issue with some drill downs not going to viable filters and causing the drill path to be blank. For example, on one card we have a table with two columns: dates and the 'number of records' from that date. If you drill down into one of the dates, it gives you a list of all of the records form that date. (Perfect. That is the functionality we need.) However, if you drill into the column with the calculated field 'number of records' the drill path it breaks and the drill down is blank.


This is very frustrating for our less data savvy consumers who do not understand why they can't drill into that column and get the same result. The issue could be resolved by adding an option to the analyzer where, when building a table card, you can tell it which columns can't be drilled into. This would cause the card to grey out (or simply make unclickable) the columns that have been selected. This would prevent the client from unnecessary frustration due to drill paths breaking and seems like it would be relatively easy to implement.


I hope you consider this for development soon!

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  • While I am on board with the idea (there are a few things at issue with calculated fields in general), have you tried linking a different dataset to the drill path? A dataset created by a Dataflow would not have a Beast Mode calculated field and could be linked to the more "raw" data.

  • I would love to have the ability to alter drill paths as well.  For example, if someone clicked on the Account Name, the drill path could take them to chart type that would provide more information about that specific account.  But, if they clicked on Product, the drill path could take them to a completely different chart that provides info about that product.  


    I may like a pie chart for the account info, and maybe a bar chart for the product info.  

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  • Scott,


    I agree that more customizability on drill paths would potentially solve this problem and would be a very nice-to-have on its own. We also have run into situations where we would like a click on one portion of a chart or table generate a different drill path than another. 


    However, the thought here is that this would be a MUCH lighter touch feature to develop as all you have to do is make clicks on the designated column not do anything (like how you can currently say "Prevent Drilling to Final Dataset" or whatever in the drill path creator). This functionality clearly already exists and would jsut need to be expanded to be included in the dropdown where you enter Label and Format of the data in each column in analyzer. 


    Seems very straightforward to develop and implement whereas the drillpath customization you are talking about is a fairly complex feature that will require a great deal of thought and planning.


    I just want something in the more medium term to keep clients from running into dead ends in drill paths...

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    Agreed that it would be nice to be able to have more control over what fields are drilled-on

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