Total row sum, heatmap(colors), date filter,online form


Recently started working with DOMO, here are my thoughts.


So first issue is, I believe well know trouble, with receiving number (sum, avg) of total rows of something in dynamic ways. Now when I want to calculate percentage of something, I need to group values in ETL and join it with my main database, this solution is only for static values and data ranges. It is really needed to be able to make this calculation depending on filters etc.


Second thing is connected with heatmap and color rules. In color rules there should be a option to mark only font and not only cell or whole row. As well, there should be option for making same rules for few variables, if we want to have same rules for few variables we have to do double work.

And regarding heatmap, I think there is a need of creating theme that for negative values will give red color and on positive green, this thing we now have to do with color rules and that it is really time consuming.


Regarding date filter, personally I think this calendar is useless for some cases. For example, my data is in months so I want to be able to choose months and not exact days. I really would like to have an option to choose how I would like to filter data. Now I'm changing this data in beast mode and put normal filter.


It would be great to be able to project and fill by users some kind of documents etc. Our team has to fill reguraly some reports so putting it in DOMO and getting this data directly would be great.


Lastly, that I have seen here recenty but will mention, choosing drill path would be also very usefull. Now, users have to go through whole drill path to get to the last window when some analysis can be or something. And in this window users have to delete filters that they don't want to include but they just had to drill through them. Having an option to choose drill path would be gold.


That would be all for now.



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