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Hey guys,

I'm coming up with few questions that I couldn't find answer anywher, either in dojo and domo itself, and they are important for my case.

Firstly, is it possible in Domo to set customized view (filters) depending on user or user group? For example, in our team, users are taking care of different customers. We have cards that show data in table view with all customers and some factor. Is it possible to configure that for specific user/user group would be visible only specific group of customers in this table? Maybe it's possible in Sumo card?


Secondly, I would like to show bar graph (f.e. shipped quantity) and forecasted ship for some time period in one graph. As I was trying to do this in Domo, using period over period graphs, I couldn't achieve it. There is only option to compare it with different time period. Also in vertical bars we can only put one Y-axis value. Am I loosing something or there is no option to combine in one chart 2 graphs with different values and same X-axis (time)?


Lastly, if we add comment to card, it is visible as a comment only in first card or we can see in which specific drilled card user added this comment? As I tried to do this, even when I commented in the last drill path, when I clicked on it, I could only see the first chart of page. Correct me if I'm wrong. 


Thank you for your answers in advance.






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    For your first question, I think PDP (Personalized Data Permissions) could answer your questions.


    Here are some links from DOMO University :



    Second Question, if I correctly understood it you can add several series in various types of charts, being one series your "shipped qtd" and other your "forecasted ship":

    Example with fuel :




    In your third question, I do think comments are specific to cards not to Drill levels of those cards.


    Hope this helps. Don't hesitate to ask if you need some more insights on this.

    Ricardo Granada 

    [email protected]

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