Retrieve deleted dataflow and datasets (accidents happen!)

Problem statement:

There are instances when I delete a dataflow or dataset by mistake . In such cases I have to develop again. This is especially possible then there is a bigger team working in the project. It is surprising that currently even DOMO support cannot retrive dataflow/sets in such cases (so was I told)



During the project risk management/mitigation process we identified this scenario.

As a workaround we created:

1) A copy of the critical dataflows and named it as zzz_backup_<dataflow_name> and disabled it. This is used in cases when the dataflow is accidentally deleted. 

2) Periodical back up of data flow is created in a recursive dataflow to retrive the data in case of accidental delete



Have a provision to retrive the deleted dataset/dataflow. This is avoid the expensive rework and testing process.

Give the DOMO Admin access (a seperate page/tab in the Admin page) to retrive the dataflows and datasets after the delete. There can be a window frame of say 1-3 months before the object/data is purged. 






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