Workbench Auto Retry if Failed

For cloud based datasets you can customize how many times a dataset should try running if it fails. 


I have not found a way in Domo Workbench to do that. Can we have the same functionality where if a job fails it retries X times every X minutes until it's successful? It's especially important for things like OLEDB/ODBC connections that use append. Ex. I have SQL Server views setup that look at the previous X days data and append it in Domo. If the job fails and I'm not able to manually rerun the job the next day it means the data is out of sync and the only way I know how to correct that would be to change the view to open it up to the whol history, do a full replace, then change the view back to previous day, and change Workbench to append. However this isn't really feasible when it requires multiple peoples efforts.

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