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Can someone help me with how to link the cards inside a dashboard. I basically want the other cards to update and show the corresponding data only, when a user clicks on a specific catergory in one card.


For example if there are 2 cards; one with overall daily revenue and other with product category. If a user clikcs on a specific product category books, i would like the daily trended card to show data specific books only.


I see there is an option at each card level to link to other cards, but i am seeing "no matching cards found" although there are 11 cards in my dashboard. How can i link these?

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    If I'm understanding the question correctly, you can accomplish this with page filters (there is rumor of a page quick filter option in the works that will make this much easier to use).  Under the wrench menu, you will want to select "Turn on Page Filters" then you select the field that you want to filter all of the cards on the page by.1.png






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