Domo API: Is it possible to get a json response when getting dataset's data ?

Hi Everyone,


I'm using Domo API to extract a dataset from Domo. It seems that the default response for "GET{DATASET_ID}/data" is a TEXT/CSV format. 

I was trying "Accept: application/json"  but I get an error.   Looking at the documentation is something like this:



Accept: text/csv

Authorization: bearer <your-valid-oauth-access-token>










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  • Darius



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    Hello user08873,


    Based on the way data is processed by our API, dataset exports are only available in a csv/text format. To convert the data to a json format you could use a parser in your script, but this would fall outside of the functionality of the API. There are many resources you can find online about parsing csv data to json, however, so this is not entirely out of the question if you are comfortable expanding your script beyond our API. Thank you!

    Darius Rose
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  • Thanks Darious,

    I just was wondering if it was possible to extract in json format. Text/CSV will do the trick for now.





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