Value Mapper using String

Can I use value mapper using string data? I want to label social media posts based on the caption to specify what products are they talking about.


For instance


So I want to search for "ball" in the caption and put "ball in a new column. Same goes for "food" in the second row.

Any advice is highly appreciated.

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  • Gimli



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    Hello @Adhitya
    Value mapper would not be the best thing in this specific example. In Magic ETL the best thing to do is to create a filter for each value and then add constants. 
    For example

    Data -- > (filter column) filter for when `column` contains 'ball' --> (Add constants) Add a column with the text 'Ball'. --> You would then Append all of your data together to get all results the same. 

    Here are some screenshots of the steps:

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  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • I went the harder way and learned myself a little bit of SQL Dataflow


    My solution was using this

    SELECT *,


    WHEN `caption` LIKE '%ball%' THEN ‘ball’

    WHEN `caption` LIKE '%food %' THEN ‘food’

    ELSE ‘ ‘

      END as `products`

    FROM text


    I think yours is easier to learn and implement. Thankyou @ilikenno!