Dot plots as an alternative to Bar or Lollipop graphs

New to Domo, totally in awe. There's such a huge range of graph types supported, I may be missing something...but I haven't found "dot plots." I think that the precise form of chart I'm talking about is not a general dot plot but a Cleveland dot plot. There's a great discussion of the subject here:


From the same source, a good example of the differnet presentations of the same data:




















I can't speak for everyone, but I personally find bar charts almost impossible to interpret. What's interesting in a bar chart (much of the time) is the far right side of the bars as they relate to each other. With a full bar, the "weight" of the bar is visually dominant and ultimately distracting. WIth a dot plot, the "shape" of the line between the end of the bars is something that you mind creates without any ink on the graph at all. I'm a huge fan, obviously

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