Slope chart (slopegraph) support

Please add support for "slope charts" or "slopegraphs". This is a chart type invented by Saint Tufte himself, but without a name. This is a wonderfully economical and effective chart type for showing change between periods. Here's an example taken from



All of the ink on the chart contributes to the story, and it's super easy to read. For some denser examples, check out uses slope charts quite a lot as they're a great way of showing changes in polling results before and after various events. What's great is that you can see not just how an individual item changed over time, but how it changed relative to other factors. In the case of our project, we would use this kind of chart constantly. We're very much about display rates of progress towards goals over time. So, we would show how various departments or divisions moved up or down relative to their own goals within the context of the progress of all other departments/divisions. This makes easy to see at a glance how things are going.


It's a fantastic chart type, please consider it for a future release.


Note: I've tried a bunch of other chart types and none of them have quite the economy and clarity of a slope chart. Obviously, you can display the same data in many other ways. If someone has suggestions, I'd be grateful. I've started using Bullet Graphs, but they're not as compelling or self-explanatory. But I do like them.


Thank you.

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