Hierarchical menu for subpages

I was checking out subpages today and think that a hierarchical menu would be a help in the More menu. Here's a "more" menu with a bunch of scratch pages we're working on:



















The highlighted Waseca 2 page has several subpages, but the menu does not indicate this or show them. If "Waseca 2" shows up in the page ribbon, then the menu does indicate there are subpages with a downward arrow, and clicking the page title shows the items. It would be great if the More menu were hierarchical. The page structure can't be more than page:subpage, so it's not a situation where you would end up with a deep hierarchical display. (Those can be hard to naviagate for many with poor motor skills, nevermind how commonplace they are on Windows.)

I also noticed that if you search, subpages do show up:










As a first impression, this is pretty confusing. Everywhere else that I've filtered in Domo, the search has always narrowed the results to a subset of what I'm looking at. In this case, the results pull in a subpage name that wasn't visible in the original list. There's no mention of the parent, so I'm not learning/seeing any context here. In this case, a hierarchical display would also be an improvement.


Thank you!

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