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I was experimenting with subpages today and they seem potentially very helpful. Something that could help out in some situations is the ability to link to a subpage from multiple parents. So, the Manufacturing department might click through a top-level page to a subpage about part supplies and deliveries, and Operations might click through to the same subpage.

Is this a sensible suggestions, or do people feel happier achieving similar results with a different strategy? As far as I can tell, the suggestion at this point is to duplicate the page and leave linked cards on it. I'm not sure of the right term for cards that are instances of one card and change together and those that are distinct copies that do not change together. By "linked" I mean "linked by reference", cards that change everywhere when edited in one location.

Is that right? Duplicate subpages and edit from there? It seems like it would be handier at times to be able to connect entire subpages to multiple parents. Then again, it's also easy to imagine wanting distinct subpages for different groups to tweak which charts they see. It might be a 80/20 or 90/10 split - 80% of the time I could use a shared subpage, 20% not. (Or it could be the other way around.) I'm new in town, so suggestions and observations from more experienced users (as in, anyone) are most appreciated.

Note that I'm not suggesting making the hierarchy deeper. I was pretty surprised to see how shallow it is but, after thinking about it, I don't know how much deeper I'd want it to go. Maybe two is deep enough. That limitation/design definitely removes the possibility of some very messy results.

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