Clickable tree view of pages/subpages/cards

Domo pages, subpages and cards fall into an unambiguous hierarchy. If you leave out lateral links from related cards and drill paths, there's just a simple, shallow tree:



It would be great to have an 'index' option as a navigation page. I'm imagining a clickable tree view that shows the pages, subpages and cards that the current user has access to. With everything listed on one page, it would be easy for users to do several things:


* Internalize the hierarchy.
* Find cards without having properly memorized the hierarchy.
* Find cards that have moved since they memorized the hierarchy!
* Internalize the hierarchy.
* Get a better sense of the scope and range of information available to them.
* Use find in page in their browsers to quickly find any item of interest.
* Ideally, deep link to favorite items.
* Discover interesting cards that they hadn't noticed before.
* Print out/export the hierarchy to help out at internal meetings/presentations/trainings.

None of the existing navigation methods have to change in any way, this is  an extra option.


What percentage of users would use such a page? No idea. I'd use it constantly, some people would probably never use it. Since Domo is all about Dashboards, I guess that it wouldn't be the end user's typical first choice (and shouldn't be), but when you're working with Domo developing cards/subpages/pages? It would be great.

Does this appeal to anyone else? Or, better, have I just missed this feature? I'm working my way through the docs and videos pretty systematically, but I'll be happy to learn I've asked a newbie question and that the featured is described in the docs under a different name.

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