Bubble chart legend enhancement: Show source and example of bubble scale and color

Bubble charts are great as they fit three or four variables into a standard XY grid. Right now, Domo's Bubble Graph allows you to label the X and Y, but doesn't offer any static display options for the size or color of the bubbles. Understanding these components of the graph is critical for anyone interpreting it. I've checkedchecked the docs and asked on the Dojo, and was directed towards submitting an enhancement suggestion. So here it is.


I've just done a quick google run and seen that the solution to this problem is usually "put it in the hover" or "put it in the title", both of which Domo already allows. But I'm hoping for a nicer option. Here's a sample screenshot:


















The legend does all of the heavy lifting very clearly and economically. I got this example from https://visage.co/data-visualization-101-bubble-charts/, but the same solution is common in the D3 world.



The enhanced legend provides several benefits:

* There's an explanation of the color grouping: "Product Type"

* There's an explanation of the bubble size: "Production Cost."

* There's a reference scale: The example circles.

* The legend doesn't take a lot of space and wastes none of it.


Obviously, the color porition of the legend only makes sense when you've got a fourth value in the bubbles.


Thank you.

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