How to create date filters at dashboard level?



Can someone suggest on how to add date filters at dashboard level? I would like to provide the ability for users to select the time period for which they would like to view all the cards inside the dashboard. Is it possible in Domo? Thanks!

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    Yes, that is indeed possible if you use page level filters, there you can select one or more fields from one or more datasets to filter from and they will affect all the cards in that page using those datasets/Fields.


    You can find more on this at this link:


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  • here's how I did something similar:


    Made a beast mode: concat(`Date`, ' ')


    Concat your date fieldConcat your date field
    Drop it in the filter and select the slider to appear as a filterDrop it in the filter and select the slider to appear as a filter

    Dates are text and appear on cardDates are text and appear on card

  • We are using this method to filter at the dashboard level by date, project name and project sales quote number.  


    This week, however, we noticed the dashboard level project name filter is not pulling in all projects, but at the page level, this filter shows all the projects we expect to see.


    There was a disruption in connecting to the data set containing this project name field over the weekend, so I wanted to try deleting the project name dashboard filter, re-add it and save the new filter configuration, but I don't see a way to remove it.  Am I missing something?

  • Clearly, I need more caffeine.  After opening the mis-behaving filter, I see the trash can icon where I can delete it from the dashboard.  

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