Is there a way to create a URL to a page adding a custom page filter

I would like to create a link to a Domo page (in a card) that would be filtered based on the value clicked. Much like the link from Salesforce data into SalesForce, I want to be able to click through the sales data down to a specific customer, then click that customer and have it take me to a page that is the customer dashboard filtered to that customer. Is that possible? Can we pass page filters with a page URL? 


immediately after posting this a helpful link appeared that had not been in my search results. From here :  I found their versions but they did not work for me. I had to replace the double quotes with the %22 except where you actually need double quotes. 


I was able to apply the filter to all datasets on the page by excluding the dataset specification....



This is what worked for me:


concat('<a href="[{%22column%22:%22customer_name%22,%22dataSourceId%22:%22c67763crazynumbersand lettersfd9f%22,%22dataType%22:%22string%22,%22operand%22:%22IN%22,%22values%22:[%22',`customer_name`,'%22]}]">',`customer_name`,'</a>')




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    Hello WHM,


    Great job on finding the Dojo article discussing page filtering via URL! From your message, it sounds like you were able to accomplish your goal by modifying the example to better match your use case. Do you have any remaining questions about page filtering via URL that I can look into?

    Darius Rose
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  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Thanks, found the answer after I had posted... problem solved (except it does not work in mobile - bugged)

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