Beast Mode administration: Migrate, delete, and view usage

We're using Beast Modes as we evolve and shape our prototopye data formats. It's great to be able to add calculated fields on the fly, chart them and discover what we like/don't like/need. After that, we've got cases where we want to replace a Beast Mode with a new column that we add to the source data behind the DataSet. I just tried this out and found the process harder than I expected:


* You can't see a Beast Mode at the DataSet level.

* If the new column and an existing Beast Mode have a name conflict, you don't get an error - but the Analyzer gets a bit confused.

* You can't delete a shared Beast Mode until all uses of it on all cards are reassigned manually to the new column (or whatever.) 

-- There's no way to automatically migrate a Beast Mode to a new column.

-- There's no say to view in advance where a Beast Mode is used.


Assuming I'm not mistaken about the previous points, the following would be a big help:


* Make it possible to administer Beast Modes in a card or at the DataSet level, depending on the 'shared' status.

* Provide a tool to migrate a Beast Mode to a real column to avoid having to manually reset it everywhere.

* Provide a tool to delete a Beast Mode centrally from a DataSet. (I understand that doing it at a card would achieve the samer result.)

* Provide a tool to list where a Beast Mode is used.


Thanks very much. Suggestions about and corrections to my posts are always welcome.

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