Import/Export Cards as JSON

Export/Import Cards as JSON
I'm doing some work revamping a series of cards that someone else initially created. I'm finding now, as at other times, that is is really easy to mess up. At that point, there is no undo. Ouch! I've thought about saving the settings manually but, well, there can be a lot of settings on a card, particularly if you tweak Chart Properties. Sometimes I'll take a screenshot to get the basic components of the chart sorted, but that's not really the whole picture.

I'd like to request that cards be exportable and importable as JSON.


Card to:from JSON would solve a lot of problems and/or provide a lot of benefits:

* Save a known good version before doing a bunch of experiments.


* Export a copy as a fail-safe in case you need to tweak things and aren't sure how it will go.


* Archive versions in your keep-archives-of-text-files tool of choice.


* Export a group of cards, make a batch update, and reimport them.


* Export a group of cards and create an alternate presentation for review. For example, we're working up stye guidelines on how to write chart titles and descriptions - it would be nice to see them in a kind of list view, but Domo doesn't have that. Perhaps almost no one else would even want such a thing. With exportable cards, we could create a small UI just for this task and have our writers apply consistent styles and wordings to chart titles and descriptions.


* Ultimately, the possibility of a card creation API.


If we export a card and later try to import it and there are problems - like the original DataSet no longer exists - well, that's on us. Domo has that nice [Fix It] button that would apply here.


Required Contents
The JSON would need to include everything that Domo needs to rebuild the card. So, DataSet name and any card-specific properties such as:

-- Customizations to title, etc.
-- Columns used for various
-- Local Beast Modes
-- Local color settings
-- Etc.


Related Changes
Obviously, the Admin > Cards section would ideally support batch export/import.

It would make sense that new cards could be created this way.

Thank you!


P.S. This is such an obvious feature request that I suspect that I'm either not seeing an existing feature or failed in my efforts to find a matching "idea" request. If there's already a feature like this, please point me to it! If this is a duplicate request, please point me to the original so that I can vote for it. Thanks again.

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