Please add a color legend to the Calendar graph

I really like the Calendar graph, it's like a heat map plotted against a calendar. Great idea. As far as I can tell, there is no legend available to show the value ranges represented by different colors. A legend would improve the clarity of the chart.


I checked the Heat Map and it automatically displays a nice legend, like the one pictured here:





Such a legend for Calendar would be great. Checking the Heat Map, a few suggestions for the Calendar legend:

* On hover, show the range for a specific color. So, the legend has a hover on each square.


* Add a legend properties sheet for Calendar. All I can think of that's needed are position controls, like: None, Right, Left, Top, Bottom, or whatever you normally support for legends.


Thank you.


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  • Great idea - we are planning on adding a legend option.

  • Wow, thanks! That will be a nice enhancement.


    By the way, I really appreciate how responsive the team at Domo is proving. I'm new to Domo but was encouraged to post suggestions after looking at the Dojo and seeing how receptive the team seems to be. Since I'm new, I'm setting things for the first time. Once I know how things work in Domo, I won't be able to see them as a naive user again. Ever. So I'm trying to find the time to make suggestions and comments about everything I notice as, soon enough, I won't be able to see it any more. So, chances are, my request rate will go down over time. (Not an actual guarantee.)


    P.S. What I really, really want most are Pyramid Charts and Dot Plots. They're great chart types and the rendering code is nothing but variants on existing chart types. And Slope Charts.  And multi-modal cards (mutliple, linked views and/or tables.) And, of course, chart grids (small multiples). And Sparklines


    Thanks again!


    Thanks again

  • @DataSquirrel


    Thank you for all of your great ideas of late. Please continue to provide feedback and suggestions.


    @Gavatar great news that this one is on its way, please keep us posted as we get closer to releasing this one.




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