Is there a way to change the labels in a legend?

Our different data sources don't always use identical column/field names. For example:





On a chart type that displays a legend, like a bar chart, the label that appears is drawn from the measure's name. Is there a way to override this? Then we could, for example, make very instance of similar names identical. Also, we could use human-friendly labels on charts when appropriate.


I assume that there is a way to do this with an ETL and I guess you can use a Beast Mode that does nothing more than assign the field to another field with a different name. That might be enough for the improved clarity I'm after...but it seems like a lot o work. Also, I noticed that Domo was having trouble saving a simple card with a handful of such Beast Mode fields added.



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  • DataSquirrel
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    Oh. Nevermind, it's right there when you click on a series in a little window - "Label".

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