Please add data labels to Stream Graphs

I'm rebuilding a series of charts by hand that someone else initially created with a different DataSet. One of them is a Stream Graph, something I haven't used before. I love these charts! I appreciate that they have limitations for legibility and proper interpretation, but they also seem capable of handling enormous data sets without collapsing. Plus, they're gorgeous. Really appealing, which is great.


I figured I'd see what the Charterati had to say about this novel, modern, chart type and opinion is divided. Shocking that. The following is a great overview and backgrounder on streamgraphs:


Making Sense of Streamgraphs


The 2008 NYT case study by the creators of the streamgraph is readable, nuanced and quite interesting too.


One use of streamgraphs that seems compelling is as a kind of word cloud that doesn't suck, like this example (click to see, it renders too small in the Dojo by default):












While Domo's streamgraphs look fantastic already, they're documented not to support labels on streams. Please add labels! I understand that some kind of algorithm/heuristic is required to choose when to paint a label and when not, but that's okay. If only the largest streams are labeled, that actually helps the graph make a point about the most frequent/significant data. (Algorithms for label display are discussed in the case study.)

Stream Graphs already look nice, but with legible labels (where possible), they could be even better.


Thank you.


P.S. We're just exploring streamgraphs now but they look like a great match for a lot of our time series data.


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  • I just finished the Byron & Wattenberg paper and it's pretty existing. You guys at Domo doubtlessly looked at it closely at some point. I figured I'd mention a few more features they discuss that could be quite helpful in Domo:


    • A more naturalistic color palette.

    • Using hue and saturation to carry meaning, such as initial time or significance

    There was a lot in there about the layout algorithms and hinting functions that I couldn't follow, but I see that Domo has a 'curved' and 'flat' style for the Sream Graph. It may just be our small and incomplete data set, but it feels like the graph is rendering in a way that' too tall:















    It could be helpful to be able to adjust the height/relative height of the graph. Here's a small mock-up, it's not great - but perhaps gets the idea across.

















    Thanks for listening.

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