PDP Dataset Mapping

I know currently when creating a new dataset off of a dataset that is using PDP, a warning pops up telling you: image.png




(This happens in DataFlows and DataTransforms)


It would extremely helpful if there were a way to map existing PDP policies from our origin data source, to new columns created on our output datasource. In essence, these would get updated whenever the orignal source PDP was updated, just like your current option to "Automatically run DataFlow when any of the following Datasets are updated".


The current method of automating PDP policies (using the java based application) while effective, is on the verge of becoming cumbersome due to the constantly growing number of (duplicate) policies needed every time we add a new dataset.



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  • I love this idea. Most of the datasets in our org get run through the same PDP policies

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  • Why not duplicate the queries that are generating your PDP policies and upload them for each dataset (or dataflow) that requires them?  You can then continue to use the existing java based tool.



  • @user003624 that's what we're currently doing. However, we're nearing close to 50k policies that need to be applied. Sticking with the Java tool only is causing a bottleneck as we continue to grow our Domo usage.


    It would just make it a lot easier to be able to copy them from one to another 

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