Question - Dynamic report based on sales ranking

We have 12 main markets that we sell - I'm looking for a way that I can display the top 3 clients fo reach market + Others dynamically. 


For example, if client 1 is a top 3 client for Japan, their sales will show in Japan as "Client 1" but if they are not top 3 in China the client will be bucketed into "Others"


Any ideas on how this might be achievable?

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  • AndreaLovesData
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    Interesting usecase!  Our cards don't natively support ranking in that way, but you can use the Magic ETL tool to add a ranking column based on that country partition you mention.  Here is a link to our Knowledge Base article that walks you through the process of using Magic to create this column.  You will specifically want to pay attention to the "Ranking Functions" section of the article.