Export Sumo card as shown onscreen.

Is there a way to export a Sumo card while retaining the pivoted information as detailed on the screen within the card?  Currently when a Sumo card is exported (Excel/CSV appears to be the only option) it flattens the data and requires the end user to re-pivot the information once more.  Is there something that can be done within DOMO right now to retain the pivoted information OR is there an item on the product roadmap to allow this to happen in the future? 

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    Please have a look at this idea in our ideas exchange which is related to your ask.

    If this not a match please search the ideas exchange here.


    You can suggest a new idea and have your colleagues vote it up. Our product team is using the ideas exchange now as a central hub to gather desired feature requests and enhancements.






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    At this time, it is not possible to export a Sumo card directly into pivot view. The data exported is the same data shown in the pivot view, with filters applied, it just is not pivoted.


    I do not know if this functionality is already on the Sumo Card roadmap, but you can communicate your desire for it to our product team by submitting feedback through the "Feedback" button in the main menu of Domo. All feedback submitted this way is reviewed by our Product Managers, and you will receive a response with more information.


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