Disconnect Data Table View From Visualization

The data table view is very helpful and having it sync with the filters/sorting in my card can be a great starting point.  However I would love the ability to disconnect the data table from my visualization so that I can change the filtering and sorting w/o changing the visualization.  Sometimes the filtering and sorting is quite tedious to set up and would love to be able to troulbleshoot issues w/o impacting the filters.  


MVP: I am thinking a button.  If you press the button, it would immeidately update the data table filters and sorting to match that of the visualization.  After that, any change made in either location would not impact the other.  If you want to bring it back in sync, just press the button again.  


MVP2: Ability to sync in either direction (sync the data table filters & sorting to the visualization or the visualization to the Data Table.  )

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