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There is an enterprise datasource that brings in a number of productivity metrics by employee code.  At a building level, I have a cross-reference file that can match up the employee code with their cost center and operations manager in my building.  I am unable to modify the enterprise datasource, but need to create a card based on that information and my XREF table to produce metrics by cost center and operations manager. Is there any way to do this?  I do have the ability to create my own datasources in our configuration, but do not have access to the underlying data that creates the enterprise datasource.

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  • Hi @TargetDataGuy

    Are these two datasources in Domo already?  If not, can you get them there using any of Domo's connectivity options, like Workbench, email connector, Google Sheet connector, etc?  Once they're in Domo and on a refresh schedule, it's a minor thing (using dataflow) to join them together to create a final datasource.



    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • Thanks for the reply @AS.  They are both in DOMO currently.  Can you point me to a resource to learn how to use the  dataflow to join them?

  • Thanks @AS.  That link was exactly what I needed!