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In the analyzer, if I zoom part of a chart and  save the card the zoom in is retained... nice!


When using date based data, I wanted to zoom into the most recent dates, so I selected a few periods of dates  from the right most date, draging to the left and then saved the data set. As time progresses, the chart did not show the new dates. That is, the zoom is by fixed by the date rather than the most recent n periods of the date grain, which I think is more useful and just as reasonable interpretation of the gesture.


I'd like to see zoom in analyzer, when applied to date data, be based on a relative measure of the date, list most recent N, not the absolute date.  

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  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Hey there,

    I think that is a great idea, and would be a useful feature.

    To have this feature added in a future release, please give feedback directly to our development team. Here is a link to our FAQ concerning Enhancement Request processing, and how to submit feedback inside of Domo: https://knowledge.domo.com?cid=faqs 

    Our product team reviews every enhancement request submitted, so keep the ideas flowing. Thank you for taking the time to help improve DOMO!

    Thank you!

    Brandon Wardell
    Associate Technical Advisor

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