Automatically Change Drill Path Data Reference When Copying Card

We often copy cards (using the "Save As" function), but one thing we've noticed is that sometimes we change the data reference on the first level card, but forget to change the data reference for all the ensuing cards in the drill path.  It would be nice if Domo asked the user if they want to change all the levels in the drill path to the new data reference.  At a minimum, it would be good if there was a reminder that you need to check all the cards in the drill path.

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  • I would not like to have this, as we feel it's a feature. We often use an aggregated dataset at the top card level, but drill to a second dataset for detailed viewing. That said, it would be nice if there was an easier way to see a card's drill paths on the primary card. We do this in descriptions now, but as mentioned, it can be a pain to highlight and review on a regular basis.

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