How can I delete users without affecting pages or dataflows?

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We need to delete some users who have left the company from our instance. Firstly, what happens to pages and dataflows when they are removed?


Secondly, if it is the case that pages/dataflows need to be assigned new owners before users are removed, is there a way to do this quickly, rather than on a case-by-case basis? The last time this question was asked was over a year ago: the answer then was that it needed to be done on a case-by-case basis, but I was wondering whether any changes had been made to speed up the process.



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    If you delete users without changing owners of pages, cards, or dataflows, those objects will just be without an owner.  They won't be deleted. Luckily, Domo has given you all the object reassignment options you want.


    You can reassign owners of dataflows en masse through the datacenter if your company has the newest version of datacenter.  Click the checkbox (top left) on each dataflow to multiselect the group you want to change, then click on the gear menu and pick "Change Owner".

    You can also reassign owners of dataset through the same mechanism on the datasets instead of dataflows.

    Pages and cards can also have the owner reassigned.  That's through the Admin Settings page.

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