Suggestions on how to build a card with 3 different variables

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Any suggestions or best practices on how to visually present one chart with three different variables?


What I have:

1. Total Cost spent on Marketing towards App Installs (in Dollars)

2. Total Number of App Installs (Number iPhones that installed the app)

3. Cost per Install


I was thinking of having a Line + Grouped Bar

Line > Cost per Install

Grouped bars > Total Cost and Number of App Installs


However, I can't seem to effectively combine Total Cost (in $) and Number of App Installs (Numbers) on the same card.





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    Hi Mylee, Merry Christmas to you too.


    The Line + Bar chart is a good option but to make it work you should group Dollars with Dollars and Counts with Counts. 


    Now you can have Total Cost in Dollars spend being more than 100 Thousand dollars while cost per install being 20 dollars per se. in order for the chart to display correctly you need to activate the Log Scale option 


    Here it is how the chart will look and how to set it up. (see screenshot below).  I hope this helps you

    Screen Shot 12-26-17 at 01.04 PM.PNG

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  • You are amazing Godiepi, thank you very much!! 

  • I have a problem with finding the option to add 2 lines, I don't have the option to add series on the left scale. Could you help me, thanks

  • Hi, @user00087,


    From your screen shot, it looks like you're trying to use a line chart. Is that what you want, or are you trying to have a chart with bars and lines? To have bars and lines, you'll need to use the "Line + Grouped Bar" or "Line + Stacked Bar" chart type. Then, in the "General" properties, you can specify the number of "Series on the Left Scale" - these will be plotted on the left axis as lines. By default, the remaining columns will be plotted on the right axis as bars.


    Hope that helps.



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