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Would love to have the ability to define custom color palettes either by an Admin or Domo Support. For example, our company has a custom palette that is used with all presentations and dashboards internally, and we'd like the ability to have Domo mimic those RGB/Hex values in the palette available to our teams developing views withing Domo. 

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  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Dean_Wangerin
    Dean_Wangerin Minneapolis, MN 🟠

    To expand on this, I'd like it if there was the ability to create sets of custom color palettes. Some of the teams/pyramids at our company use specific palettes.  Ideally when selecting a color for a dataset (or card) it would list existing options.  You could create and select palettes similar to how today you can select datasets.  You could essentially have a new special dataset type called "palette", and then cards could choose from new or existing palettes as they see fit. 

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