Enrich the PDP filters with comparators

I finally sat down and looked at PDP this morning and was surprised that the filtering is based exclusively on exact matches with data found in the DataSet already. I think that can make this work okay, particularly with some advanced planning. But some policies would be simpler to write, and clearer to read, with support for more comparators.


Imagine that we have access data with a security level of 1-5, where 1 gives you the least access and 5 the most. I'd like to set some users to have access for all data where AccessCode < 3 and others where it is < 4, etc. (Silly example, consider cases with much wider and less preditbile ranges.) There are plenty of situations where the following would be simpler and/or clearer than the current (implicit) = operator:


Not equal to
Greater than
Greater than or equal to
Less than
Less than or equal to



P.S. The following suggestion is related to this one:


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