Enrich PDP filters with wildcards

I finally sat down and looked at PDP this morning and was surprised that the filtering is based exclusively on exact matches with data found in the DataSet already. I think that can make this work okay, particularly with some advanced planning. But some policies would be simpler to write, and clearer to read, with even basic wildcard support.


Imagine that we have facilities starting with Bega. So,


Bega 1
Bega 2
Bega Main

We set up PDP policies for every relevant DataSet and things are fine. Until we add Bega South, etc. Now we have to go back and edit all relevant PDP policies. This isn't that easy:


* Policies are bound to DataSets, not shared. So we have to edit each policy individually.


* There's no easy way to find the policies. DataSets in the Data Center don't show or filter by PDP on/off.


* It's hard to review from a page level as there doesn't seem to be a way to figure out all of the DataSets associated with a page via the cards on the page. Yes, you can find the cards associated with a page, but not the DataSets behind the cards on the page. You have to go through one-by-one and check. If to err is human, then I'm super-human when it comes to hand-checking a bunch of similar-looking screens

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