Variation on adding Multiple Targets in a chart?

Saw a great hack in How to add Multiple Targets in one chart? 
(; it was really quite helpful, already found use for it on a couple cards so thank you!


That said, wasn't sure if I should open a new thread since my question was directly related to that one so I replied there first, then realized that I should probably open a new thread and reference the older one as done above!
Here goes - is it possible to add a single "measure" that would cover both a positive AND negative goal instead of two separate entries (desired postive/desired negative), i.e. along the lines of AVG(5.00,-5.00) or a a similar hack that could accomplish this? 
obviously, this doesn't validate and not even sure it's something that would actually work.




 Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 3.17.33 PM.png



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    I believe that you can accomplish this with the "Scale Marker" chart property.  1.png




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  • @ST_-Superman-_ - I was so focused on the hack that I never thought to look further into the Scale Marker; that's EXACTLY what we're looking for, thanks so much Scott! 

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