Please add a Card API

Card API

I'm checking out the Domo APIs to see about automating some of our admin and audit tasks. So far, it looks promising and pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, it looks like what I need most isn't implemented. A Card API. I'll offer two examples of tasks that I'm trying to complete and then propose a very simple version of a Card API call.


Note: I've only spent a few hours looking at the API, and if I'm being silly and missing the obvious, please straighten me out! I'd rather be embarrassed and have the features I want sooner

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  • I realize that I left out the very element that I want most: DataSet ID. The goal being to associate cards and DataSets.

  • @DataSquirrel - spot on! The Cards API is very essential. Need to connect Cards to DataSets would be the simplest of asks an API user could have.

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