DataSet API: Please add a few more elements

The DataSet API makes it possible to pull a lot of useful information about each DataSet, but a couple of extra elements would be a big help (or more):


"cardIds" : [2345,35636,800345],
"connectorType" : "CSV Upload",
"fileName": "fieldSummary.csv"

The cardIds element is identical to the cardIds element found in the Page API. In this case, an long array with the IDs of all cards based on the DataSet. This matters to us a lot. WIth this information, we'll be able to sort out exactly which cards needed validation and updating when we change a DataSet, its sharing status, or any of its PDP filters.


The connectorType element would also be a big help. We've got some special rules about column names and contents for some connector typesl. (Google Sheets, for example.) We've followed the Best Practices for DataSets suggestion to avoid putting the connector name in the DataSet name. This makes it even more important to be able to pull the connector type from the API. We can then detect the connector type accurately and run checks or our rules about PDP filters, column names and so on.


The fileName value shows up in the Domo UI and it would be handy to have through the API. Sometimes the original file name is the best thing to have when you run into a problem and need to track down the original file. Of course this element isn't populated for many connectors, so it could well often be blank. 



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  • I’ve just realized that since we’ve got access to the complete list of DataSets and their columns from the API, it’s easy to automate checking for non-standard or inconsistent column names or DataTypes. This is important on any page where we can’t to use a single filter-by-column Page Filter against multiple DataSets. If we can figure out through the API which DataSets are used on a page, then it’s an easy step to automatically check for inconsistencies amongst sets.


    Just wanted to add this note to the feature request as this is another good example of how the cardIds array would be a big help.

  • I was clearing out some DataSets in the Domo Web UI and notice that if there are any dependant cards, Domo warns you that the cards will be destroyed irreversibly. You can also delete DataSets via the API. I haven't tested the delete call yet, but it's existence makes it even more important to include cardIds [] in the DataSet result object.


    • If the API call to delete destroys related cards, we need to know in advance.

    • If the API call to delete does not automaticaly destroy related cards, we need to decide what to do. I'm not clear what Domo does with orphan cards, or if they can even exist.


  • I keep running into roadblocks because the API supplies no way to figure out how cards and DataSets are connected. The most recent feature I was after is to review the DataSets used on a page and compare their column names. This would let us automate checking for naming irregularities that will page pafe filtering harder.

    But there's no way through the API to know which DataSets are used on a page. You can get the list of cards, but the cards, but that doesn't get you back to the source DataSets.


    This feature requeset woud be a hgue help! If impemented, I could use the API to build out a ton of different audit and review tools very quickly. I've got a tool built already with a lot of functionality (identical fields with diffrent types, duplicate names, global PDP filter searching by value and field, finding DataSets by included column name, filtering DataSets by PDP status, etc.) But there's just so much that's not possible until you can figure out how cards and DataSets are linked. 


    Thank you.

  • Connecting cards to data-sets is a must-have for us and a bunch of our customers on the API.

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