Domo Generated Date Range

I think it would be useful that Domo could generate a dynamic date field as an option if you don't want to use one of the columns in your data as the date range. 


The thought stemmed from my help request here:


Use Case:

Basically you might want to chart points on a graph with multiple date fields (think support cases, Created Date and Resolved Date). You want to track all of the cases Resolved in February and all of the cases Created in February to give you an idea of input vs output. However you're forced to choose a date range to use for the graph so you choose to use Created Date. Welp, when you set your chart to show last 6 months your Resolved number will be innacurate because if a case was Resolved in February but Created in November and it falls outside the "Last 6 months" it won't show up. OK so you think maybe I should go by Resolved Date to make sure I can capture when things were Resolved regardless of created. Once you do that you'll notice your count of Resolved date is the same as the Created date so you just get one line. You then realize that it's because it's only showing things with a Resolved Date and all cases that have been Resolved will have a Created Date so the number is the same.


The goal is to have some extra option that holds all dates for the purpose of it being able to chart an X-axis independently of your dataset, then you chart multiple date points over it. 

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