User API: Please add cardIds [] to the user response object

I'm working on auditing our rules and access setup in various ways. We would like to use the API to build a custom view of user access for pages and cards. The UI for this in Domo's standard Admin Settings screen is good for cards and pages. But we're also wanting to integrate infomration about PDP filters, which is not visible in the Admin Settings screen.


Currently, the API exposes

-- the cards on a page

-- the users a page is shared with

-- the groups a page is shared with


That's a start, but it's not enough to figure out the following:

-- A card that's been shared with a user. (Basically, the contents of their Shared page.)

-- A page has been shared with a user, but specific cards on the page have been unshared with that user


Given the links are between pages:cards:users in some combination, it could be helpful to add more detail to the Page API and to include such details in any additional Card API.


As an easiest first version that would allow for making a complete catalog of cards available to each user, all that's needed is adding cardIds [2345,454455,243545] to User.




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