Missing City Names on United States map type

We have several maps using the United States map type that have drill downs that went US->State->Counties->Zip


After this January update, we've encountered some issues. When drilling down into the states, previously several major cities in that state would show up, overlaying the counties. (ie, if I clicked on Texas, I could then see Dallas, Austin and Houston on the map). Now there are no city names at any level of the drill path.


The way we use these maps really requires knowing where major cities are. Without this, we have several users who's lack of geography knowledge is now causing issues...


Has anyone else experienced this, or know of a workaround to get our city names back on the map?


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  • Valiant
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    After working with support it was confirmed that this was a feature that was removed with the last update.


    They also said that as they've had several requests to bring this back, they will be reintroducing this in a future update.


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