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Flag Connectors as Favorites - Have them appear at the top

Domo has developed a WEALTH of connectors, and that is absolutely fantastic!  

None of us uses ALL of those connectors...I'm sure of it...and we all have our favorite go-do connectors.  


For example - I use Box...A LOT.  Every time I want to bring in a new dataset from Box, I have to do a search.  Same for Salesforce and Qualtrics.  If I could mark them as favorites, they'd be at the ready for me to keep on moving.  The search is a small step, but mechanically shifts from mouse work to typing, and creates a less fluid user experience.  


As a stretch idea...There could be some algorithm to float the user's or the user's platform's most-used connectors to the top.  




(Dani - I did do searches for this prior to entering.)

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