Add the Beast Mode icon to cards and DataSets with calculated fields

There's a lot that could be done to make Beast Mode easier to work with, share, and review, an plenty of existing feature requests to match. I assume all of that will take some time, so here's a simple, incremental idea that might help a bit:



Add a Beast Mode icon/glyph to cards and DataSets.


I was testing out some Beast Modes yesterday and today couldn't remember where they were. There is no way to know outside of the right card.


* DataSets do not indicate if they have Beast Modes associated with them. Even if we can't see the calculated fieds in the DataCenter, it would help to know that there are calculated fields in palce.


* The DataSet API does not include calculated columns in the "schema" part of the results. (Feature request on this one here.)


* Cards do not indicate if they have Beast Modes associated with them.


The only way to find a Beast Mode is to edit a card in the Analyzer. Assing a visual cue to DataSets and cards would make it a lot easier to track down existing Beast Modes.


Places that could include the indicator:


* The DataCenter's DataSet list.


* The Admin screen list(s) of pages and cards.


* A page's status summary, the same place owner, PDP enabled, and several other attributes are displayed now.



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