Magic ETL - Repository for Saving and Accessing Pre-Configured Action Steps

For Magic ETL, it would be incredibly helpful and time-saving to have the ability to save a configured action step, or series of action steps, into a library/repository of some kind that could then be easily accessed for quickly adding those same steps in other Magic ETL dataflows. Ideally would be even better to give the user the option to select whether they want to add the saved step(s) as a stand alone copy or as a shared component -- if shared, then would have the ability to edit the step(s) in one place and have those changes propagate to all dataflows where the step(s) are used. If nothing else though, would settle for the ability to at least just copy/paste step(s) from one dataflow to another.

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  • Being able to copy and paste between dataflows seems like such an obvious capability that it's startling that it isn't there.  I also find that although you can copy and paste withing dataflows, it sometimes holds on to the linkage to the input dataset it was created with.  So I end up rebuilding more than shoud really be necessary when I want to mimick and then customize a set of steps across many other input datasets within a dataflow.  

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