Apple TVOS

Any recommendations on an AppleTV app using TVOS?  I looked at Dasher & Exact but they seem to be pretty difficult to setup.  Would like to use our office Apple TV as a dashboard for DOMO Metrics.

Best Answer

  • Publishing as a slideshow works great, however the AppleTV does not have a native web browser.  I am afraid there isn't a good solution for this. I am surprised Domo doesn't build an AppleTVOS app.  Would take too much work and it would give a lot of utility to offices.


  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • The best way to look at on a tv us setting up "Publications" (Slide show) and pulling that up on a browser on a device connected to the tv. You can check the app store for a browser option and try that.

    Please check the link above to learn more about publications.



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