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While Sumo Cards are a great way to summarize data in a pivot format, sometimes there's just a bit more that I want to do with the data once it's summarized.  For example, divide column 1 by column 2.  In order to fulfill the promise of replacing spreadsheets, sometimes Excel functions are simply the best way to make quick calculations, and just about everyone has at least remedial knowledge in Excel calculations.


I know that complex calculations can be done in ETL and SQL transforms, but not everyone has the skillsets to accomplish those outcomes.  It would seem to me that combining the power of pivot views in Sumo Cards with the ability to create formulas would be a powerful way for those who are comfortable in Excel to finally ditch the spreadsheets.

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  • In Analyzer, you can create a calculation in Beastmode and click the box "Share Calculation on Dataset." Then create a new Sumo card, and you'll see the beastmode analyzer calcuation, and you can add this to your Sumo/Pivot view. Only issues I've had with this, is that not all calculations are "pivotable." in Sumo. So if you sum numbers you have to use other sum of quantities for example....


    They can definitely improve Sumo view functionality though, that's for sure. Such as showing totals on the top or bottom. Really everything in analyzer should be a sumo function as well.

  • @user06977 - thanks for that additional insight.  In this specific example, I'm looking to get an average of results from the pivot table, so I don't think a beast mode calculation will work.  I'll definitely keep it in mind for the future!

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