Is it possible to create a chart with a single bar and multiple lines?

I am trying to model out several data series that are correlated and want to show the relationship between them as they move from day to day. I currrently have a mulpile line graph with three different lines. I am looking at changing one of the series to a differen type of visual (Bar or fill) to show it is a baseline metric and not relevant in the same way as the others. Is it possible to do different types of graphs in this way? I know I can make a stacked or grouped bar with a single line, but I want to make a bar graph with multiple lines.




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    Hi Adam,


    You can indeed have a mix of things like multiple bars and multiple lines on some chart types.


    For instance the 'Line + Grouped Bar' chart type by default will show multiple bars and a single line for your defined measures. 


    To have additional lines displayed instead of the original one, you can go the General section under Chart Properties and set the 'Series on Left Scale' option to however many lines you want. 

    Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 3.24.44 PM.png

    If you're looking for similar functionality on other chart types, I'd check that General tab as well.


    Hope this helps!



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  • It seems that this functionality no longer exists in Domo. I am trying to graph data from the Quickbooks connection. The data category series appears in 2 different columns. I want to add each of these to the Series on a vertical bar graph, but can no longer add 2 series to a chart. I know I was able to do this in the past, but not any longer. Is there a new solution for this?

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