Why do some cards have different summary number rules?

Hi everyone.  I'm sure I'm overlooking something easy here, but why are summary number fields/options/functionality different by the card?  


For example, if you use a Progress Bar card, and you use a Beast Mode calc that has HTML/Text/Numbers in it...and it shows up in your Dimensions section it does not show up as a summary number option.  Also for "show more options" here you get two boxes under "Field & Function".  


But now go to a Table Card, you can put in a similar Beast Mode, and here in the "more options" you only get one box under "Field & Function".


I'm sure I'm missing some easy step here, but any help would be appreciated.


Here is the beast mode calcs for you to use or laugh at.


For the Table Card (the one that works)


concat( round(Avg(`SystemAge`),1) , ' Avg Age ' ,
case when round(max(`SystemAge`),1) > 3 then
CONCAT('<div style="color:#F73810; font-weight:bold">', round(max(`SystemAge`),1) , ' Max Age' )
else concat( round(max(`SystemAge`),1) , ' Max Age' ) end




For the Progress Bar (the one that doesn't work, yes there is an extra concat):


case when `%ofGoal` >= 0 and `%ofGoal` < 80 then
CONCAT('<div style="color:#F73810; font-weight:bold">', `%ofGoal`, ' % of Goal' )
when `%ofGoal` > 80 and `%ofGoal` < 100 then
CONCAT('<div style="color:#FFFF00; font-weight:bold">', `%ofGoal` , ' % of Goal' )
CONCAT('<div style="color:#008000; font-weight:bold">', `%ofGoal` , ' % of Goal' )

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    The catch is that for a Beast Mode to be eligible to be a Summary Number is has to be aggregated.

    In other words, the values in it have to be obtained using an aggregation function like SUM(), MAX(), AVG(),...


    In order for your Beast Mode to appear in summary number you will have to aggregate `%ofGoal`, but being a percentage it's not always an easy task because an average (AVG()) of a percentage is not the same as the percentage calculated over a determined set of values.


    What I do when I face this is to calculate the percentage on the Beast Mode using summarized (SUM()) fields.


    Hope this helps, if you need some more insight on this don't hesitate to ask.

    Ricardo Granada 

    [email protected]

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  • You're the best.  Thanks...I knew that but just had left it off.  Thanks for knocking me into gear.  Thank you again!

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