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Is there any trick to getting the HTML that I've put into summary numbers via beast mode to work on the mobile app and/or in a downloaded PPT of the card?  I'm thinking the answer is no, but just wanted to check.  Not a huge deal, but having such nice looking summary numbers on a desktop browser then it looking messy on a mobile app hurts my being.


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    @NewsomSolutions @Valiant Thanks for reaching out and for your feedback. Using HTML in your summary numbers is one example of the many creative ways Domo customers have been extending and adopting the platform for their own uses. It is powerful extension beyond the original designed intent and as such there are compatibility limitations when looking at in on mobile or exporting. It is something we're aware of and looking to solve, but will likely still be a while for the full solution to be in place.


  • Matt,


    Not sure on the PPT part but as far as HTML on the mobile app, we had actually submitted a support ticket back in October and were told the development team was aware of the issue and would let us know once a fix was in place. Haven't heard anything since, so I'm assuming it's still an ongoing issue.


    If it has been fixed, hopefully somone else can chime in and let us know.





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  • Guys thanks for the heads up on this.


    CC @codysmith FYI some feedback on the mobile experience.



  • Yea, the PPT and the Mobile looks the same to me.  I get the PPT by doing the Publications and then saving it down as a PPT.  The cards look great with the added HTML in the browser, but with the PPT it doesn't work...but I guess in theory it really shouldn't since it's being taken offline, I just wish we had an option to 'include summary numbers' or something with the PPT to resolve that.  I don't use the PPT much so it isn't a big deal but that functionality may be beneficial to someone down the road.