Channel/Page/Discussion Switching Shortcut

Many other discussion/chat platforms we've used like Hipchat, mIRC, and Slack have all had a crucial "switching" capability that we've used. Using the shortcut, CMD+K or CTRL+K, and typing the beginning of a channel/chat along with pressing the RETURN key, it takes you directly into that specific channel/chat. Given the breadth of our business and the teams, we switch chats consistently, likely upwards of 150-200 times a day. While simply moving from a keyboard to mouse isn't exactly taxing, it becomes so when you do it so much.


I see the CMD+F/CTRL+F function allows you to search existing conversations for people or topics; however, there's not an quick, not necessarily "easy", switching mechanism. If a quick switching capability was enabled, that would be fantastic! This would remove any delay in productivity as well as avoiding a distraction in thought, as our development team is key to this initiative.



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