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Why is it that when i try to set color rules on my lollipop graph no matter what values i put in as the rule it still displays the one color? I set red for <= 80 and green for >=81. The value is a percentage based on a beast mode calculation.


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    A couple of things to check. With your percentage calculation, are you doing the 'Multiply by 100' option in the column format as shown below or multiplying by 100 within the beastmode?


    If it's in the column options as shown below, you may need to change your rules to <=.8 and >= .81


    Second question. Which lollipop chart type are you trying to use? And if it's one with lines, are you setting the bar or line color? That should help moving forward if the first suggestion doesn't do it.


    Just let me know if you need more help,



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